Perfect for girls & boys 2 – 4 years old to start their football journey. They will learn their first skills eg, toe taps, drag backs, play fun games incorporating colour and number learning. Building confidence and social skills.
£7.50 per session pay as you go
£6 per session if paying for the term
Plus FREE admission into Junglaroo soft play after the session

With over 10 years experience in coaching tots football Romar Sports offer fantastic fun packed sessions for children aged 2+ years.

All sessions will be based around FUN games with a high focus in implementing children’s development through the ABC method. (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination) All sessions and games will be age appropriate in a friendly, safe and fun environment.

As part of the sessions the Tots will be taught football skills, eg, Toe Taps, Stepovers, Drag Backs and many more, plus it will help them to learn their colours, counting and help develop new social skills whilst all the time focusing on each individual to improve their confidence

Our sessions are varied each week giving the children the chance to use their imagination along the way. For example one week they will become firefighters knocking down blazing fires, the next it might be part of the Madagascar Films travelling to the jungle acting as the animals from the film.

First Session is always Free, come and give it a go and see how your little one enjoys our session. Join us now!

Please note: All sessions run in term time only. All Little Learners. Hartbeeps, Romar Sports and Science sessions MUST be pre booked direct with the organiser (contact details can be found on their website or Facebook page). All sessions include FREE stay and play at Junglaroo.

For more information please call us on 01271 328 328.